Do you have a less than perfect credit history? The odd missed payment? A history of CCJ’s, Defaults? Been Bankrupt?

Most people assume that having an impaired credit score automatically means that they won’t get a mortgage. However, this is currently far from the case! Whilst a history of missed payments may get a lender to raise their eyebrows, there are numerous mortgage options still available.

We have access to a huge range of products, with both high street lenders and lesser-known, but equally as good specialist lenders. We have recently helped place mortgages for clients with Debt Management Plans, Defaults, late payments and other impaired credit situations. Plus, the interest rates available are most likely significantly better than you fear!

Getting advice from a professional, whole of market adviser is vital in this situation. We can assess your scenario, look at your credit history and then match you to the lender best suited to your needs. Helping you avoid getting rejected by lenders and having multiple credit checks carried out, which could actually worsen your credit score!

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