pexels-photo-160114It is now (hopefully) common knowledge that mortgage rates are still unbelievably low, with some lenders even cutting them already in 2017. In December remortgage transactions hit their highest levels since 2008 (over 147,000), showing that people are clearly trying to take advantage of the current low rates on offer.

Given that there is a growing sense of uncertainty in the UK at the moment, particularly surrounding Brexit negotiations and the possible impact they may have on the economy over the coming years, now is an ideal time to review what is likely to be your largest monthly outgoing.

At the time of writing this (Feb 9th), we have rates on offer from as low as 0.99%, and even if you have as little as 10% equity in your home it is possible to get a deal below 2% currently. So if you are sat on the Standard Variable Rate of your current lender, some of which even today are over 4% (Santander, Post Office, Virgin Money) should now be the time to review your borrowing?!

We can access the whole of market, with some lenders and products available exclusively to us, and we offer a free consultation to help you discover what options you may have.

With the currently uncertainty out there right now, make sure that you have the peace of mind that your mortgage is still the best one for you.

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